Sunday, July 5, 2015


If the days were counted,
From the very first meeting,
How long has it been?
Time flies...
In the middle of our journey,
We've gone through bitter and sweet.
As the time flies,
We showed our true faces.
As the time flies,
We showed our weakness.
Until the time comes...
The bond has weaken...
At the end of the time,
It is our last meeting.

Sunday, January 4, 2015


Never heard of it? Well, it’s a small peaceful town deep in the heart of Sarawak and surrounded by vast green nature.
It’s a place to meet people of different ethnics and experience their unique cultures,
A place to get away from hectic city life, kick back and just relax,
And a place to get close to nature.
But don’t take my word for it, come and experience it for yourselves by making Belaga your next destination.
I know just the right person that can take you there safe and sound...^_^

Monday, February 10, 2014

I’m sorry
For all the thing I’ve done
For every mistake I made
For leaving scars to your heart

I’m sorry
I’m not perfect
I’m not capable
I’m hopeless

I’m sorry
Not to be there
Not to give and
Not to trust
When you need me

I’m sorry
Truly sorry..
I really am

A simple poem with direct meaning telling everyone that I’m sorry. Whenever I think about it myself and made my own reflection towards myself, I would feel sorry to the people who knows me. I feel sorry that if I ever hurt their feeling. Maybe I’ve hurt them without me knowing. But they never tell. Maybe I’ve left without letting them know. Maybe I said the wrong words. If I ever did anything wrong to you, yes you, and everyone else, I’m sorry. The truth is me myself maybe didn’t even realize that I’ve done wrong, or maybe I don’t even think that what I’ve done will hurt you guys. So, before it’s too late to say that I’m sorry, I really want to apologize to everyone if I ever did anything wrong. I admit that I’m not perfect. Thus, if you ever feel hurt just because of me, and you want me to apologize to you, tell me. Personally, I’ll apologize to you for hurting you. Deep inside, I’M REALLY SORRY. Whether my apology will be accepted or not it’s the second thing to think's better to say i'm sorry before i didn't get the chance to say so next time. Well, all i want to say is, I'm Sorry.. and TQ.

Thursday, January 16, 2014


It's been a while since i've updated my blog. Every time i got the idea of sharing, it'll be delayed until the idea are not there anymore. Well then, today is the day when i thought of something about DRAMA. 

Did u guys often watch drama? What do u prefer? As for me, I'm not really a drama lover, but there's time when I had the time to watch some. Korean and Chinese drama has always been some kind of entertainment for me when i had time to do so (even when i don't have much time, i rather watch movies and dramas than doing my assignments). 

Now let's focus on a drama that i had watched recently. I didn't watch them from the beginning (i mean from the 1st episode), but i watched it starting from the 14th episode (if i'm not mistaken). It's a Singapore Chinese drama called "Disclosed". Even when i didn't watch them from the 1st episode, i was addicted and interested to watch it till the end (20 episodes). 


Wanna know why? Should i tell? Alright then...The drama was amazing as it is about investigation. I like something that are related to investigating and solving problem thing. Just like CSI. I like it when they try to solve problem even when there's no evidence, by using the sophisticated technologies, showing how humans really have to make use of their brain solving problems, making conclusions, and then making the right solutions for the problems. How should i say? I can't describe further because some people might think that the drama are not interesting as different people has their own different interest. Maybe you guys should watch them yourself to know if it is a good drama or not.

That's only one of the Chinese drama that i've thought of. There's more actually but to list them all here, i can't really make it as I can't even recall the title of the dramas i've watched.
How about Korean drama? I'm sure many of us like them, right? One of it that i want to mention here is the latest drama i've been watching. It's "The Heirs". I'm also pretty sure that many of you guys have watched it.
The Heirs

This drama was interesting, fun and quite romantic. As I watched the drama, i wonder if the situation of the whole drama really exist in reality. It was like so perfect when there were men who tried to protect you even when they have to be rebellious to their own parents. Maybe there is, or maybe not? Well, I'm just curious about that. And i will feel very lucky if i have someone that is just like Kim Tan or Choi Young Do. Hahaha..I must be dreaming. i know that was impossible for me. Rather than waiting for something like that, I think I better focus on what am i doing now. I should study first and then work, so that i will be having enough money to give to my parents. That's more important right now. Yeah, it is.

Well, maybe that's all for now. I'm waiting for another Korean drama which i think will also be interesting. The drama haven't aired yet, so i just have to wait for it. It was a drama where Song Ji Hyo, a member of Running Man being one of the actress ("ER Man and Woman"). Yes, Running Man. I'm kind of a fan of that reality show but i'm not obsess to it. Just watching to have fun and relax. That's all. See you guys next time.  ^_^

Monday, June 10, 2013


Cloudless days,
Joyful days,
Without any burdens,
Or any duties,
Times we went through,
Filled with anticipation,
Hoping times wait for us,
Giving us hope to explore together,
Creating memories and times together, 
With hope of them staying happy,
Without encounter,
Just a simple greeting,
When we met,
The feeling of loneliness vanished,
That's the only thing we can do,
Because when time come,
It will return,
to the way it was...

Without us realize, 
Flew away so fast,
Bitter or sweet,
Love or hatred,
We went through it all.

No use of regretting,
As it made us stronger,
We should appreciate it,
Because as time passes,
I'll be who I'll be...

Friday, June 7, 2013


It's always about trust
How you give in
How you learn to take
The first step towards friendship
To give and take every secret we know
Depending on time
Learning more and more
Trusting less and less
When the true nature revealed
Nothing will be the same again
You loss something precious
It's trust and a friend...